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Why Foundation College Planning?

Foundation College Planning, LLC is a proud member of The National Association of College Funding Advisors (NACFA), & College Planning Network (CPN).

College costs have increased 7% to 8% each year for over 40 years. Today, four years of college could cost over $200,000. Without the aid of professional college planning guidance, an average family may have to sacrifice their retirement plans, incur a huge amount of debt, or may not even be able to send their children to college at all.

There is currently $198 billion available in financial aid and tax relief to help families pay for college. Financial aid is not limited to special groups – most families can qualify. If you’re not an expert in the rules and regulations and thoroughly understand the application process, you may actually damage your chances of receiving aid. Whether you have a good income and have saved for years to fund your child’s education, or you have nothing saved and have just started to think about it, a professional college financial aid planning firm can help you secure your child’s future.

Foundation College Planning, LLC will guide you through the financial aid process and provide comprehensive financial aid planning, as well as expert student counseling. By helping students determine their interests, courses of study, and preferences, they are less likely to transfer schools or change majors – both of which add substantially to the cost of college.

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