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College Financial Aid Planning

Foundation College Planning is a practice dedicated to helping you find the most affordable way to maximize and fund your child’s college education.

We are committed to helping parents of all means realize their goals to affordably fund their children’s education without going broke or eliminating the possibility of retiring in a comfortable fashion. Foundation College Planning provides a wide range of workshops for parents interested in exploring a variety of college-aid topics. In addition, the firm offers a free one-hour consultation packed with useful information for workshop attendees.

Because Foundation College Planning specializes in college preparation as well as funding, we help your child determine the best path forward based on their interests and talents. Through our student assessment program, we will help your student select a college major, a career, and find an affordable college that will best match their interests and area of study. By providing SAT preparation, reviewing admissions applications, and evaluating financial aid offers, Foundation College Planning ensures that your child's future is secured – especially when coupled with sound financial advice. Because college aid rules change frequently, advisors also stay abreast of the latest information in the industry.

Foundation College Planning serves New Jersey families in Camden, Burlington, and Gloucester Counties. Sign up for one of our free workshops or contact us  to find out more about how you can affordably pay for college.