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Need Help Paying For College Without Going Broke? Are Scholarships Free Money For College Students?

Foundation College Planning Helps You Find the Best Way to Pay For College

You want your child to have the best education and college experience. But how to pay for college without going broke is a real concern. The average in-state tuition at a New Jersey public school is approximately $27,000 per year. Private schools in the state range from $38,000 to $55,000. Both will also increase in price by 7 to 8% per year. 

However, you might spend the same or even less by going to the more expensive school. Knowing the inside track can allow your student to go to the school of their dreams while still cutting costs.

Turning to the professionals at Foundation College Planning will not only simplify the process, it can save you thousands of dollars, solidify your child’s preparation for college and career, and help you avoid missing important deadlines. The average family that enrolls in one of our college planning network programs receives $19,075 in financial aid. Our average “under awarded” family (after appeal by our CPN team) receives an additional $4,809 per year in aid. 

Foundation College Planning will not only help you find the best way to pay for college, we help you and your student evaluate and select the most appropriate major of study, the best college, and future career.

Personalized Private Student Interview & Assessment 

  • What combination of sessions would best suit your Student’s individual needs
  • Written initial report provided to Parents along with a summary of the interview & specific recommendations


Parent/Student Interview with Private Counselor

  • Discuss NACAC member counselor recommendations
  • Overview of “What are we hoping to accomplish for your Student in the Private Student Counseling process”


Walkthrough of DISCOVER Program w/ Private Counselor

  • Develop Personality Profile Evaluation
  • Conduct advanced search of careers, majors & studies based on specific student interests
  • Begin researching colleges based on demographics & personalized areas of importance
  • Go over the results in detail with Private Counselor
  • Discuss successful ‘tried & true’ methods we’ve used to help Students pick the right school throughout the years


Private Resume Creation/Coaching Session

  • Picking the best format – what to include, developing a list of activities that ‘matter’, what needs to be emphasized, etc.
  • Building a resume & “Brag Sheet” of accomplishments


Private Admission Application Review

  • Review Common Application & each school’s individual applications for correct punctuation, spelling & formatting
  • Thorough search of any omissions, inconsistencies or problems that may hinder a Student’s chances of admission


Private Essay Coaching Session

  • Review essay(s) & help to develop Student’s ideas & content from the Student’s perspective
  • Coach & explore strategic ways to maximize experiences, internships & ideas that make the Student ‘stand out’ from the crowd
  • Thorough search of vocabulary & spelling corrections
  • Provide insider insight as to what the college admissions committee would be looking for


Follow-Up Private Essay Coaching Session

  • Follow-Up coaching to review Student changes from the previous session


Developing a College Search List + Private Mock Interview Session

  • Developing a proper college list & narrow it down to meet the most important criteria
  • Strategies on how to complete successful campus visits & interviews
  • Private coaching with Student intended to create confidence in executing a well thought-out & narrated perspective during a live interview situation


Private SAT/ACT Walkthrough Session

  • Thorough explanation of the SAT/ACT tests & help in improving overall understanding of these tests & test taking in general
  • Review proven ‘best’ study methods
  • Review how to decipher whether or not you should take or retake the tests
  • Review how to sign up and send scores 


Motivational Session w/ Private Counselor

  • Designed to motivate that Student who needs an extra ‘push’
  • Discover a particular Student’s niche & getting them excited & motivated to move forward in the process
  • Review strategies on how to get great Letters of Recommendation from instructors, mentors, guidance counselors & employers
  • Consult on ways to guide the teacher in writing the ‘ideal’ recommendation for the Student – so that the letters match the student’s stated college goals & aspirations


Private Session on “Getting A ‘Leg’ Up on Applications”

  • Determining whether your Student should apply Early Action vs. Regular Decision & helping the Student to get everything together if they do decide to apply Early Action
  • Coaching the Student to ask the ‘right’ questions when visiting campuses
  • Determining how many colleges is the right ‘number’ for your Student
  • Running the Personalized Scholarship Report at the optimal time
  • Running the Chances of Admissions Report on the primary interest schools at the optimal time


Follow-Up Student /Parent Q&A Final Interview With Your Private Counselor

  • Further discussion about what else still needs to be developed
  • Final decisions discussed – how to weigh packages based on interests & needs
  • How to eliminate schools to find the ‘right one’
  • Review any follow-up questions you have about schools, admissions, applications, things you need to be doing now that you’re down to the wire, etc.