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Free Workshops Unlock College Funding Secrets and Strategies

Foundation College Planning offers free college funding workshops that reveal how to beat the high cost of college and navigate the financial aid maze. By attending a workshop, you will gain valuable information that can make college affordable, help you through the complicated application process, and provide tips to selecting the best college.

You’ll learn these valuable college funding secrets: • Where to get money – Learn about grants, loans, endowment funds, preferential packaging, and other funding sources from state and federal governments, colleges, and universities.

• How to apply for aid – We’ll address all of the forms you will need including the FAFSA, the CSS/Financial Aid profile and registration form, schools’ institutional forms and supplemental forms as well.

• How to choose a college that will give you the best deal – You’ll learn how to spot the differences in funding before you apply, how to negotiate for the best possible package, and how to get more need-based aid for college.

• The opportunities and pitfalls you have to watch out for – We’ll tell you how complicated laws and tax provisions can impact many areas of college funding and how they can directly affect your educational costs.

• The difference between tax credits and tax deductions – Learn how you can make changes in your personal tax provisions to increase your eligibility for aid.

• Why college financial aid officers can’t help you – College counselors won’t help you pick out schools or fill out forms. Find out why.

• How to qualify even if you think you make too much money – Learn planning strategies that are available to reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

• Why your accountant is not a good resource – Find out why using an accountant who does not specialize in college financial aid planning to fill out financial aid forms can actually cost you money.

• When you should start planning – We’ll guide you to the optimum time to plan and when to take the next step.


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